Historical city centre

A walk through the historical city centre is like a trip back in time in which the streets look exactly like they did in the Middle Ages. In 1672 Doesburg was besieged and eventually conquered by the French, who then occupied the city until 1674. Later on Doesburg became a heavily fortified city and experienced a long period of relative calm. One of the main advantages of this period is that the city has remained by and large completely preserved! It is no wonder therefore that the city centre was officially declared a place of historical significance in 1974. It is a place where every step you take is an absolute delight.

Doesburg boasts a large number of historical monuments and listed buildings and was officially designated a historic town in 1974. Did you know that Doesburg was granted city rights in 1237, a full sixty years before the same honour was conferred on Amsterdam? Local residents are understandably proud of this fact! The city's location at the point where the Oude IJssel and Gelderse IJssel converge explains its strategic importance down through the centuries. The Martinikerk, with its 94-metre-high tower, is a clear reminder of the city's prosperity in days gone by. There are more than 150 monumental buildings in the town centre. History in all its glory!


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